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Why Choose Us?

At Notre Dame RC Secondary Girls’ School, we are passionate about nurturing the talents and potential of every unique individual so that they can become whoever they want to be.

What can your child expect?

  • Tailored learning experiences with a team of inspirational and devoted staff.
  • Limitless opportunities to enhance their studies and explore their passions beyond the classroom.
  • A unique Year 7 induction programme offering a seamless transition from primary school.
  • Powerful life skills and values: compassion, humility, equality and justice.
  • Innovative leadership responsibilities showcasing diversity and creativity.
  • Valuable careers advice in medicine, law, engineering, technology and the arts.
  • Exceptional links with sixth form colleges, universities and both national and global organisations.

Whilst a Catholic school, we embrace students of all faiths and none, creating an inclusive environment where diversity is valued, respected and celebrated.