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Shani Johnson, Assistant Headteacher

Shani has worked at Notre Dame for over 20 years, progressing to Assistant Headteacher and has ambitions to secure a Deputy Headteacher role within SELCAT.

From the moment I walked through the school doors, I immediately knew that I wanted to be part of this incredible community. The staff are warm, friendly and supportive, and our students are aspirational, confident and have a real zest for life. The school’s ethos of valuing and nurturing each student’s unique talents and potential really resonates with me – I was attracted to a career in teaching because of my passion to ensure every young person, no matter their background, ability or culture, receives the best possible education to succeed in their future endeavours.

Being part of SELCAT presents us with opportunities to collaborate with other schools within the Trust and thus access a rich network of resources, expertise and best practice, enhancing our offer for both students and staff at Notre Dame. It has been a real learning journey for me, and I am looking forward to what the future holds.

Matthew Earnshaw, Head of Maths

Matthew has worked at Notre Dame for 9 years and is Head of the Maths Department, inspiring and encouraging students’ interest in the subject.

Having taught in the local area for 20 years I was inspired to secure a role at Notre Dame because of its strong reputation for being a caring, supportive school that strives to provide students with the challenge, support and experiences to progress and reach their full potential. The teachers here truly go the extra mile to help students become whatever they want to be.

The chance to communicate with other teachers with similar responsibilities in other schools across the Trust has been a real bonus – I am enjoying seeing first-hand the benefits of being part of SELCAT and am looking forward to continuing working together to increase our school intake and ensure we thrive in academic areas.

Siân Tragheim, Head of RE, Chaplaincy Lead and PSHE Curriculum Lead

Siân has worked at Notre Dame for 10 years and “wears many hats” being Head of RE Department, Chaplaincy Lead and PSHE Curriculum Lead.

Motivated by the supportive teachers I had whilst at school, and a desire to share my knowledge and experiences, I chose to pursue a career in teaching to become the person I had needed when I was young. I was blessed to be offered a job at Notre Dame and knew this was the place for me. I enjoy being able to teach ethics, philosophy and theology in a school located in the centre of a city known for its diversity, multiculturalism, change and passion – I believe it is critical to the growth, tolerance and pride our young people will have in the future.

Catholic life and mental health are my passions, and within the SELCAT community, these areas are treated seriously and with respect. I aspire to develop further in my career and one day become an Assistant Headteacher with a focus on Catholic life and mental health.