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Enabling our students to become whoever and whatever they want to be – whether that be a doctor, engineer, lawyer, teacher, author or businesswoman – is what makes Notre Dame so special.

We have an unwavering focus on the individual where each student’s unique talents and potential are nurtured as they develop into mature, confident and responsible young citizens. This support and attention start long before our students’ first day as we believe it is essential to provide them with a smooth transition from primary to secondary school.

We know how exciting the move to secondary education is for every child, with the opportunity to experience new subjects, participate in enrichment activities and form new friendships all within a new and bigger environment. But we also know that it can be a daunting and challenging time too.

That is why we have developed a dedicated transition programme here at Notre Dame to ensure all our new starters feel supported and that their transition goes as smoothly and seamlessly as possible.

Our transition programme


The programme began with our Friendship Afternoon on Wednesday 13th March where we welcomed new families to our school. Pupils took part in fun activities with their future peers whilst parents heard from our senior leaders, student ambassadors and staff.


Parents/carers and pupils are invited to our Afternoon Tea event on Wednesday 22nd May, 4-5pm. Here we will be distributing our Starting Year 7 Guide, providing you with a wealth of information about life at Notre Dame, including timings of the day, equipment and uniform, policies etc.


On Wednesday 3rd July, all new Year 7s will spend a day in school for their Induction. This includes a tour of the school, meeting classmates and getting used to life at secondary school.

Pupils have the opportunity to complete an All About Me Booklet which allows us to find out more about them, their interests and hobbies, what they might be worried about and what they might be looking forward to at secondary school.

We then invite parents and carers to join us at the end of the day for a family feast!

September and beyond

Your child’s first day in September will be Year 7 only to allow them the chance to familiarise themselves with, and settle into, their new surroundings.

Transition doesn’t end on your child’s first day. Throughout their time with us, students are supported through team building activities, our Big Sister Programme and our exceptional pastoral team who focus not only on their academic achievement but their personal development, mental health and wellbeing.


The step up from primary school was a challenging one, but everyone at Notre Dame was extremely welcoming and supportive. It did not take me long to settle in well, especially thanks to my form tutor and Big Sister! I don’t know any other school that has a Big Sister programme and where all the older year groups are so kind and helpful to you.

Mya, Former Galleywall Primary School pupil


Secondary school is very different to primary school! But for the better! I have made lots of new friends and am enjoying learning new things and taking part in different activities such as Debate Mate, trampolining and athletics.

Amira, Former St Francesca Cabrini Primary School pupil


The move from primary school was a bit scary due to the vast change in size and number of people! But my nerves and worries soon disappeared as everyone was very welcoming and friendly. I am enjoying every aspect of school life at Notre Dame, from our interesting lessons to the range of extracurricular clubs on offer. 

Xolani, Former Charlotte Sharman Primary School pupil