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Transition to Notre Dame

Our School, Your Future

We are pleased to welcome all of our new year 7 students to Notre Dame RC Girls' School. 

We understand how exciting but also nerve-wracking the transition to secondary school can be, which is why we have a range of activities and events to introduce you to life at Notre Dame. We truly believe that this is the best place for young women to achieve and succeed. But don't just take our word for it! Our Head Girl Paula has written a letter to all of you to welcome you to the school

Good evening, parents, carers and to the lovely year 6s. I would firstly like to thank you for earnestly giving us some of your time. We appreciate the diligence that you are providing towards choosing your daughter's secondary school and hopefully Notre Dame will be a strong option after today.

Let me take you back 5 years ago, in this very hall, where a 10-year-old Paula was sat, clueless about the full horizon of secondary school education. As a child, I naturally desired to follow my friends and believed that I would only find comfort in that daunting jump as long as I had them with me. Therefore, I dreaded open evenings to schools I knew my close circle wouldn't attend. In the end, only 2 of us ended up going to Notre Dame, and we weren't even in the same form! However, I wouldn't have had it in any other way.

The girl five years ago is not the same girl who is standing in front of you today. I remember hearing the school's mission statement for the first time and a particular line stood out to me: 'The development of Christian women who are confident'. It spoke to me so clearly because I aspired to gain the one thing I massively lacked - confidence. I knew nobody in my form, yet everybody approached me with encouragement, and I realised that everyone was in a similar boat to the one I was in. The teachers were no different. There hasn't been a single time when I was ever afraid to put my hand up for help. The warmth that they treated me with felt like a reassurance that they were willing to look after us for our entire stay. Many teachers work endlessly to devise informative and productive lessons for school before school and even during the challenging times of the global pandemic. They certainly didn't back down and I can confirm that 5 years later, they have been with me every step of the way.

Now let's dive into the magical world of ND extracurriculars, which provides all students with a cultural capital. Our school has an assiduous role within the community. We partake in campaigns to rightfully better the lives of those who are less fortunate. From donations, to tea parties in parliament Square, to talking to British authorities, such as current London Mayor Sadiq Khan, Notre Dame houses selfless, independent Christian women, who ought to make a change for the greater good.

5 years later, sitting in this very hall, is our future. Row 5 could have a doctor, row 2 could have a very talented musician, seat 11 may be an aspiring actress, seat 29 may have an athlete, or somewhere in the back, a politician who dreams of building an equal society. Everyone has a gift and a potential; Notre Dame will give you the chance you need. I, myself, am still dreaming of what I can be, but at least now I know that whatever I choose to do or be, I can, because of Notre Dame.

Thank you.

Some of our previous Year 7 students also wanted to introduce you to life at Notre Dame and you can hear from them in the video below