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Student Senior LEadership TEAM

Student Senior Leadership Team 2022 - 23

Paula Salem - Head Girl

Hello everyone! Welcome back to another academic year in Notre Dame. As it is still early in the school year, many still have to adjust back into their 'working-mode' and I confess that I am as well. For those who do not know me, my name is Paula Margarette Salem and I am this year's Head Girl and to me it still feels like a fever dream. This has been an ambition that I had my eyes on since year 7. The previous girls who had taken on SSLT roles had a tremendous impact on the school. I always stared in wonder as a girl with stripes passed me in the hallway. Being in school council in year 7, I had quite a few encounters with them. During meetings was when I first truly understood their dedication to the school. They were hard-working and exceptional ambassadors who devoted a lot of their own personal time for us. From then on, one of my biggest aspirations was to be Head Girl. I am delighted and very grateful to have been appointed this incredible role. I wholeheartedly promise my commitment towards teachers, students, the school and to the wider community.

First of all, I would like to welcome year 7s to our school! It was so fun meeting you all last year and a second time earlier on in this month. You are all spectacular young girls who have bright futures ahead of you and I know you will do Notre Dame proud. It must be daunting to go to a new school with new people but I assure you that you will all eventually settle in nicely. If you have any questions, problems or even just want to have a chat with someone, do not be afraid to speak with your big sister or even me! I will sometimes be in the cafeteria before AM registration so that you can have someone to talk with. We are here to support you and provide you with some company.

To my other fellow students, I know the pressure that arises with school but I assure you that hard work always pays off. Truly, what matters is the journey - are you satisfied with how hard you've worked? Stephen King said, “Talent is cheaper than table salt. What separates the talented individual from the successful one is a lot of hard work.” I encourage everyone to engage in her talents and gifts. Try something new this year! Join a new club, a new committee or even volunteer for a role of responsibility. Perhaps you may even find a passion for something you did not expect to enjoy!

Along with my other SSLT members, we strive to have a comfortable, supportive, and reliable environment, which ensures the prosperity of girls academically and socially. We hope that we can provide growth and change where needed to help students now and those in the future.

I wish everyone a remarkable year ahead,

Paula Salem

Victoria Alicante-King - Deputy Head Girl

First of all, I would like to introduce myself. I am Victoria Alicante King and I am your Deputy Head Girl. It is truly an honour and pleasure to have been chosen to take on such a prestigious role. All the responsibility given to me is preparing me for bigger and better achievements in the future.


As I am now an influencer of the Notre Dame community, I feel it is my moral duty to welcome all new students entering our beautiful community. I know that it can be turmoil adapting to a new environment but I can assure you that you will not regret it and you will encounter a plethora of opportunities and experiences. As for those who have been here longer, I hope you will permit me to showcase my leadership skills along with my communication skills. I will do my absolute best to use myself as a bridge between the student body and teachers.

From the time, I sat in my first Mass of the Holy Spirt, listening to the Head Girl of the time give such a memorable speech, my destiny was set in my head. In the years leading up to my current position, I have been working tirelessly in all that I do to have been recognised by the Senior Leadership Team. And to my surprise here, I am! One of my many ambitions whilst I am in this influential position is to reach every single student in Notre Dame and make this the year that Notre Dame will be more united than ever.


Victoria Alicante King

Queeneth Osondu - Deputy Head Girl

Hello. My name is Queeneth Osondu and I be one of your Deputy Head Girls for the next academic year. Through my position and in partnering with the other members of the Student Senior Leadership Team, I really hope to bring a sense of clarity to belonging to the school community. I would like to welcome our new year 7s and any other new student of member of staff. I am excited to be a representative of the student body but I know that with this role comes the responsibility of being an excellent role model and student.

My biggest motivation for applying for this role was the ambition to enhance the wellbeing of the school and its pupils and also to make an impact that permeates throughout not only the school but society as a whole. I have a desire for change and as they say “change starts with us.” I think that one of the reasons as to why I was chosen to fulfil this role is because I have presented many examples of service to the school by joining clubs and committees and actively taking part in them and also by taking opportunities as they arrive. Another reason as to why I think I was chosen is because of my personal characteristics. I am a confident, trustworthy and helpful individual and that has been evident in the interactions I have had with people from both in and out of school.

I would like to thank a number of people, including my friends and family, for supporting me in all I do, and the SLT for allowing me to take up this position. Of course I would also like to thank God for all He does for me and for providing guidance throughout this process.

Lastly, my advice for any girl that wants to be part of the SSLT is to get positively involved with the school, and to always try your best, even when you feel your best is not good enough – “Be strong and courageous” (Joshua 1:9). I am always available to talk if any girl has a problem or query. Additionally I am more than happy to accept requests regarding changes or improvements to the school.

Good luck and God bless, Queeneth

Grace Chapman - Assistant Head Girl

Hello! My name is Grace Chapman and I am so excited to begin my role as Assistant Head Girl this academic year and I am very grateful that I have been given this opportunity. Whilst having this role of responsibility, I will aim to share my ideas with my peers and make sure that everyone feels supported in their studies in a safe environment. School is such an important part of our lives so along with other members of the SSLT, I will try to encourage students to find a balance in their studies and to get involved with the many opportunities that Notre Dame offers them.

I understand that the beginning of any academic year can be full of curiosity, excitement and nerves so as Assistant Head Girl I hope to help students get back into a positive routine that works for them and I am ready to answer any questions or concerns about school, so feel free to come and speak with me!

When starting my journey at ND I never thought that I would have the confidence to apply for this role but after hard work and dedication, here I am! Throughout the year, it is important that I demonstrate good behaviours and set an example for the younger years, to make sure that everyone feels content and respected. If I had one piece of advice to give to you, it would be to go for something that really interests - you even if you are nervous - because you might surprise yourself. I cannot wait to be involved more in the school community and get to know you a lot better!

Grace Chapman

Dina Nkosana - Assistant Head Girl

I trust this finds you all well. Let me start by introducing myself. My name is Dina Nkosana. I am so excited to say that I am your Assistant Head Girl for this new academic year. 

 I am very grateful for this position and I look forward to serving this school as a role model for all. I chose to sign up for this because I believed that I was chosen to be humble and help around in this school no matter the challenges. With this role, I believe in solving problems and though that may only get harder from here, I believe the Senior Student Leadership Team can all overcome any problems working together as a whole unit. I aim to help boost your confidence no matter the task. No job is too big for an even bigger mind! 

 Each new school year can feel a bit overwhelming, and I totally understand. For example, when I first joined this Notre Dame community as a tiny Year 7, I was so amazed at how large this school was compared to my primary school, but that was not my only problem - the learning was even harder! I persevered and pushed on and I am still here today still persevering to get my grades in GCSEs.

Now I am not saying everything is easy but one quote from my favourite Marvel character (Spiderman) said: “With knowledge and power comes great responsibility.” And that is why I am up at the top of the school with a double stripe!

Another way at Notre Dame that we like to inspire you all is by faith. “I can do all thing through Christ who strengthens me” (Philippians 4:13) You can all do this, I trust in you! We are all part of one body in the Notre Dame community and with a little nudge or help from one another we can all get through this together.

All the best of luck in this year, God bless, and I look forward to seeing you around school!