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Staff List

Senior Leadership Team


Sr. Anne Marie Niblock

Head of School:

Ms. B. Byrne

Assistant Headteacher:

Ms. S. Johnson

Business Manager:

Ms. S. McLean

MIS Manager:

Ms. J. Foley

Heads of Year

Year 7: 

Ms. S. Sadjady

Year 8:

Ms. E. Sanderson

Year 9:

Ms. S. Hrouda

Year 10:

Ms. C. Rosu

Year 11:

Ms. M Shasanya


Teaching Staff


Ms. N. Nutakor - Head of Department

Ms. M. Nurnberger


Mr. P. Charalambos - English Lead KS3

Ms. C. Zwies - English Lead KS4

Ms. A. Jalloh

Ms. S. Johnson - Assistant Head


Ms. L. McDonnell - Head of Department

Ms. S. Zoundi - Curriculum Leader - Progress Manager

Ms. B. Byrne - Head of School


Ms. H. Wallace - Head of Department i/c online learning

Mr. J. Withers

Ms. B. Gaffney


Ms. S. Carson - Head of ICT

Ms. M. Shasanya - Head of Year 11


Mr. M. Earnshaw - Head of Department

Mr. C. Okello

Ms. N. Soloviy

Ms. M. Tran - Leading Teacher - In-class Progress and Feedback

Ms. S. Sawyerr - Assistant Head Upper School

Modern Languages:

Ms. M. Santana - Head of Department

Ms. I. Barra - Leading Teacher - EAL

Ms. S. Hrouda - Head of Year 9

Ms. M. Borundel

Mr. M. Hornby - Leading Teacher - British Values

Ms. J. Linter

Performing Arts:

Ms. G. Hine - Director of Performing Arts

Ms. S. Tyson-Banks - Dance / Drama

Ms. A. Jalloh - Drama

Physical Education:

Ms. E. Sanderson - Head of Year 8

Ms. A. MacDonald

Religious Education:

Ms. S. Tragheim - Head of Department

Ms. R. O'Leary - Assistant Head Middle School

Ms. S. Sadjady - Head of Year 7

Mr. J. Withers


Ms. L. Carroll - Head of Department

Ms. O. Goriola

Ms. D. Cottrill

Ms. C. Rosu - Head of Year 10

Ms. B. Munezero

Ms. K. Mahendran - Assistant Head of Year 7


Ms. V. Clarke - Head of Department

Ms. L. Lijoka

Jubilee Centre:

Ms. D. Clements - Director of Jubilee Centre


Ms. V. Millan - Special Educational Needs Coordinator


Admin/Support Staff

 School Business Manager:

Ms. S. McLean

Support Services Manager:

Mr. G. Bancroft

Chaplain (Pastoral):

Sr. Rosemary O'Callaghan


Ms. J. Evans

Administrative Staff:

Ms. J. Gosnell - Office Manager

Ms. J. Foley - MIS Manager

Ms. K. Hutchon - Administrative Assistant

Ms. M. Moore - Assessment Manager and PA to the Headteacher

Ms. L. Valiquette - Administrative Assistant

Pastoral Liaison & Careers:

Ms. T. Crowley - Careers Leader

Learning Mentor:

Ms. J. Williams

Library Learning Resources:

Mr. P. Chodel - Library Assistant

Mr. J. Phoenix - Administrative / Reprographics Assistant

Ancillary Staff:

Ms. V. Chodel - Art Technician & Display Coordinator

Ms. M. Kurtyanek - Food & Textiles Technician

IT Technicians:

Mr. N. Wood

Mr. J. D'Rozario

Science Technicians:

Ms. S. Sebaggala  - Science Technician

Premises Officers:

Mr. P. Cairns - Site Services Manager

Mr. T. James - Assistant Site Services Manager

Mr. L. Cooper - Site Services Assistant

Mr. S. Foster - Site Services Assistant

Learning Support Assistants:

Ms. S. Phoenix - Lead Learning Support Assistant

Ms. D. O'Grady - Learning Support Assistant

EAL Support / Cover Supervisors:

Ms. M. Fombella - EAL Support

Ms. V. Stockdale - EAL Support

Student Support Assistants / Cover Supervisors: 

Ms. S. Hellen - Student Support Assistant / Cover Supervisor

Ms. S. Marques - Student Support Assistant / Cover Supervisor

Ms. D. Wood - Student Support Assistant

Ms. D. Wright - Student Support Assistant / Cover Supervisor

Sr. Nicole Keenan - Student Support Assistant