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We started our journey through UK-German Connection who were running a Cafe Connect sessions and asked if we could do this with our partner school. And so our story began. Mrs Hrouda and Ms Borundel  together with Frau Gnadler and Frau Wellner from the Joseph Effner Gymnasium in Dachau near Muenchen started the Cafe Connect in December 2021.


Our students in year 8 and year 10 who study German in KS3 and KS4 together with year 7 and year 9 students from our partner school who study English are meeting every alternate Thursday at 17:30 for an hour and discuss different topics that have been assigned by us.


We are using the visavid.de website when taking part in these meetings. 


Our pupils from both schools are enjoying this experience as well as their teachers. We are pleased with the outcome of this experience offered to them and so far our pupils are very keen in visiting their German colleagues in the near future.


German School in Dachau: 

Josef-Effner-Gymnasium – Naturwissenschaftlich-technologisches und Sprachliches Gymnasium


UK-German Connection website:

The Voyage – Junge Leute zusammenzubringen (ukgermanconnection.org)