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School Uniform

All students are expected to wear full school uniform throughout the five years. The uniform is described below and the school rules state clearly what is NOT allowed to be worn in School. 

Indoor and Outdoor Uniform

Compulsory Items

Dark brown blazer with school badge
Dark brown skirt with 2 pleats at front and back (not above the knee)
Blouse of appropriate colour of year group (tucked into waistband)
Dark brown V-neck jumper

Socks or tights – either white or black – no logos - no white socks should be worn over black tights.

Plain black leather flat shoes Canvas shoes are not acceptable. Plain black ankle boots which do not come above the ankle may be worn. No other boots may be worn.

Notre Dame School Rucksack Style Bag –initially provided free of charge by school. Replacements must be bought by parents.

Optional Items

Brown Notre Dame School Coat (2 options)

Scarf either plain black or brown.

Only white T-shirts may be worn under blouses. No other colour is permitted.

Other uniform rules

Hair must be own natural colour

Any extremes of haircut are not permitted. This includes symbols, shapes and lines cut into hair or eyebrows.

Hair bands should be black and no more than 3cms wide and are worn only for the purpose of keeping the hair back. No bows or knots.

Non-uniform hair accessories are not permitted. For example, hair beads including extensions, headscarves or bandanas. Any other hair accessory must only be black. Long hair should be tied back.

No external symbols of religious faith of any kind are permitted e.g. crosses, rosary beads, hijabs or any other head coverings.

Students are allowed to wear an inexpensive watch. No other item of jewellery is permitted.

No make-up including fake eyelashes, foundation, mascara, eyeliner and lip gloss is allowed.

False nails of any colour, including French manicures, are not permitted. Nail varnish of any colour is not permitted.

Eyewear, unless it is for corrective purposes, is not allowed. This includes coloured contact lens, sunglasses and fashion glasses (glasses without corrective lenses).

Any uniform infringement will incur a conduct point. Three conduct points will incur a behaviour point.

We have introduced uniform check days - one per week - where any uniform infringements will result in an automatic behaviour point. Hopefully this will be a temporary sanction until pupils realise their learning must come first.


All items of uniform are available from Whitehall Clothiers, who can be found at:

Whitehall Clothiers
77 Camberwell Road
London, SE5 0EZ
Phone: 020 7703 3604
Email: will@whitehallclothiers.co.uk

Website: https://www.whitehallclothiers.com/