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Celebrating Culture

Our annual Cultural Day aims to celebrate the diverse range of cultures in our school and wider community.

On Friday 28th June, the school was bursting with colour, vibrancy and excitement, with students adorned in outfits representing their cultural heritage. The day began with a multifaith prayer and form classes greeting each other in over 20 different languages! Throughout the day they participated in various activities, focusing on the themes of diversity, identity and culture, during their lessons and form time.

An incredible matinee performance of our Cultural Showcase concluded the day, with a multitude of talent displayed by our students, both on stage and backstage. The audience enjoyed an eclectic mix of song, dance, poetry, cultural fashion and everything else in between! Thank you to them all for their participation, especially for staying on to wow parents and staff during the evening performance, and thank you to those members of staff who offered performances too! A special mention to both Fatima in Year 9 and Favour in Year 7 for winning ND Fashion Queen!

We believe it is vital to increase awareness of, and celebrate, different cultures because it encourages the development of key life skills and values, including empathy, cultural competency, teamwork, critical thinking, and creativity, to prepare our students to thrive in today’s modern world.

Culture Day 2024