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The Library

The Library at Notre Dame showcases inspired design, incorporating the stunning traditional features of the building with modern comfort and utility. It is the perfect reading space for students, housing an extensive collection of fiction and non-fiction titles, in a collection that is constantly under review. The school is committed to fostering a culture of reading for pleasure. To this end, Notre Dame students can nominate texts that they would like to see added to our collection and we inform them as soon as those titles are available for library loans.

Recently, we have developed two sections of the library:

  1. ‘The Careers Corner’. This area was greatly bolstered by a wealth of new publications designed to promote student opportunities and awareness of future pathways.
  2. ‘The Gender Library’. As part of our commitment to inspiring the next generation of outstanding women, this new part of the library has a bountiful array of texts pertaining to the topic of identity.

The library also boasts a selection of laptops, IPADs and printing facilities to aid students when completing home learning or independent study through online research.

We have a great deal of revision texts and materials, including study guides, notes on and translations of texts and quiz cards to help students when preparing for assessment.

Students can borrow up to 3 books at a time for up to 2 weeks and similarly we have a selection of DVDs that students may borrow.

The library is also host to a number of annual school events such as the ‘Women’s World Day of Prayer’ and the ‘Jack Petchey ‘Speak Out Challenge!’ training. The latter focuses on developing student’s oratory skills, furthering their abilities to communicate confidently. 

We are very proud of the space that we give for Notre Dame students to develop a passion for reading and broader literacy; we believe it is foundational to their success at GCSE and beyond.


Opening Times

Library catalogue

You can access the Library catalogue from the Micro Librarian link on the desktop, the library page on the school website, or through:


You can search for books in the catalogue by title, author, keyword or subject. You can also  post reviews. Please ask librarian for more information.

You may also ask the librarian to reserve books

you want if they are not on the shelves.

Online resources

There are also thousands of educational websites available on the catalogue.

Simply enter a simple search term for the topic you are researching and relevant sites will be displayed along with books held in the Library.

N.B .If you have any suggestions for books or websites which we could add to the catalogue (if budget allows), or any free apps for the iPads, please let the library staff know.   We’re here to help!

  • The Librarian is there to help you locate resources. Please ask.