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Mya, Former Galleywall Primary School pupil

The step up from primary school was a challenging one, but everyone at Notre Dame was extremely welcoming and supportive. It did not take me long to settle in well, especially thanks to my form tutor and Big Sister! I don’t know any other school that has a Big Sister programme and where all the older year groups are so kind and helpful to you. I am looking forward to taking on a leadership role such as a Big Sister, Sports Captain or even Head Girl in the future!

Notre Dame really care about you, your aspirations and your future – they are always talking about careers and regularly have outside professionals and alumni come in to school to speak to us. It is really inspiring. If you want to be focus hard and pursue your dreams, you should definitely come to Notre Dame RC Girls’ School. My ambition is to study Law at university to gain lots of knowledge and skills that will be useful throughout my life, not just a career.

Naazeen, Former Michael Faraday Primary School pupil

The people here at Notre Dame are one of the main reasons why this school is so enjoyable. The teachers are caring and other students are helpful – we are truly one big community. There are so many creative opportunities here at Notre Dame, allowing you to express yourself and your feelings. I love Music and am having fun participating in Street Dance club after school.

What I am looking forward to most at Notre Dame is being a Big Sister – I think it looks fun and I want to be able to help others who have been in a similar position to me. So much so that I would like to follow in my Mum’s footsteps and be a nurse in the future; I know Notre Dame will support me to realise this dream.

Caitlyn, Former Josh Ruskin Primary School pupil

I used to be quite shy before coming to Notre Dame, but since joining the school I feel I have grown in confidence and increased my communication skills by throwing myself into school life. I am a proud member of the Gospel Choir, recently performing at St Thomas’ Hospital’s Armistice Service, and participate in Street Dance club after school. My favourite subject is English because we get to discuss and debate different types of literature and I am looking forward to completing bigger practicals, such as pasta making, in Food Technology to test and broaden my skills.

I love helping people and it would be a dream come true to pursue a career as a paediatrician. I know Notre Dame will support me to achieve this – the teachers are excellent and ensure no one is ever left behind in their learning.

 Seren, Former St Vincent De Paul Catholic Primary School pupil

I am really enjoying my experience so far at Notre Dame and can feel myself growing as an individual. As well as our academic subjects, there is so much else on offer at the school such as interactive clubs, art, cooking, drama and sport, meaning I can try new things and gain new skills. Being a confident person, I love Drama because it helps me to shine. The subject and my teacher has inspired me to follow a career in the Performing Arts industry in the future.

The school’s diversity has helped widen my understanding of other cultures and beliefs whilst also supporting my mental health and wellbeing, knowing that we are all unique individuals. My recommendation for new starters joining the school it to just stay positive, be yourself, and do not be afraid to ask for help – there is always someone to support and guide you here.

Amira, Former St Francesca Cabrini Primary School pupil

Secondary school is very different to primary school! But for the better! I have made lots of new friends and am enjoying learning new things and taking part in different activities such as Debate Mate, trampolining and athletics. It has been great to interact with a wide range of people, including professionals from businesses who visit the school to speak to us about careers. Business runs in my family and so it is only natural that I aspire to run my own business one day; the opportunities available here at Notre Dame will certainly help me towards this goal.

Xolani, Former Charlotte Sharman Primary School pupil

The move from primary school was a bit scary due to the vast change in size and number of people! But my nerves and worries soon disappeared as everyone was very welcoming and friendly. I am enjoying every aspect of school life at Notre Dame, from our interesting lessons to the range of extracurricular clubs on offer. There really is something for everyone here. My favourite subject is Science because we get to discover new things and carry out exciting experiments that we did not get to do in primary school. I am also enjoying participating in athletics club, netball club and Debate Mate where we get to visit other schools for competitions. I want to be a vet when I am older and can’t wait for what the future holds.