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Computing & ICt ks3/4


The ICT and computing department at Notre Dame teaches a rich, broad and balance computing curriculum mapped to the National Curriculum for Computing at Key Stage 3 and 4.  We offer a computer curriculum designed to enable the students to master research led computing pedagogies and cover the three strands of the computing curriculum.


  • Computer Science
  • Information Technology
  • Digital Literacy

The intent is to develop the student’s interest and knowledge of several aspects of technology, including creativity, logic, coding hardware and software.  The scheme of work applies a creative learning approach that meets the needs of our diverse pupils, the lessons are carefully planned and resourced combining theory with hands -on practical work allowing for experimentation and ‘trial and error’.


The computing scheme of work at Notre Dame is intended to be taught as a series of connecting topics which build with each year deepening the depth of knowledge.  These topics are designed to be delivered to the students in a creative way, using a broad range of approaches including group work, paired exercises and solo work.  Across the curriculum students will have opportunities to explore the application of technology in the world, learning coding with programs such as Scratch and Python.


Computing is an extremely important subject for all students to learn in our Society, is it to teaches all aspects of our lives and gives students’ the skills required in all levels of development.  Within the  computing sequence of work, students are able to use algorithms  and coding thereby  developing  a good grounding in problem solving.

At Notre Dame the sequence of work provides an effective curriculum that combines theoretical and practical elements.  Pupils will gain the confidence of working with difference kinds of technology and these skills will be invaluable for later life.

Computing allows students to develop their planning and organisational skills.  It also enables, maths skills – reading writing and comprehension

Curriculum Maps

ICT KS3 Curriculum Map 2023

BTEC Digital Information Technology KS4 Curriculum Map 2023


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