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To develop the skills to create their own works of art and design. We aim to develop students' critical understanding of art and design and how it has contributed to the culture, creativity and wealth of our nation and beyond.

To develop knowledge and understanding of Art and Design, mainly through practical experience informed by a range of high quality examples. Core learning dispositions using analysis and reflection are embedded and built on throughout the course by revisiting them in increasingly complex ways and facilitating greater independence.  Adjustments are made to provide safe and effective scaffolding for individuals and groups of learners whilst allowing opportunities for divergent, creative thinking.

Embedding the core skills of observation, reflection, experimentation, reviewing, modifying and developing outcomes and ideas, informed by high quality examples of others work, establishes key transferable creative thinking skills which can be applied to most careers and are required for high performance.

We are in London, where the majority of British creative industry takes place and the intention of the Art & Design curriculum is both to prepare students well for further study and creative careers but also to give opportunities for personal and spiritual growth.


As a department, we teach according to the national curriculum which involves giving opportunities for students to:

  • Produce creative work through short creative thinking tasks, bigger projects which allow work to be displayed around school and taking part in competitions in and outside of school
  • Become more confident in skills such as drawing, painting and 3D work
  • Develop knowledge of art through historical and contemporary contexts as well as societies and cultures. Students are able to gain access to such knowledge by visiting websites and going into galleries such as the Tate, National Gallery and National Portrait Gallery.


When students leave school, we aim to equip them to be able to use the transferable skills they learn in Art into their chosen pathways, such as observation, risk-taking, collaboration, problem solving and creativity. Students should feel confident to execute whatever creative task they set their minds to do through the artistic and creative thinking skills they learnt at Art at Notre Dame.

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Art Curriculum Map


GCSE Bitesize
The National Gallery, London
National Portrait Gallery
South London Gallery
Saatchi Gallery
Serpentine Galleries
Royal Academy of Arts