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Student Senior Leadership Team 2017-2018


Past Letter from the Head Girl 

Dear Sister Anne Marie,

Four years ago, when I first arrived at Notre Dame, the word ‘community’ did not have much impact upon me.  I did not have any concept of what this word really meant.  Unbeknownst to me was the incredible influence community could have upon a person.  During the time that I have spent here at Notre Dame, I have evolved.  I have been inspired and influenced in numerous positive ways, and Notre Dame became a fundamental foundation for my growth – academically, socially and spiritually.  Notre Dame has played a significant part in the growth of my faith; the school provides students with a spiritual sustenance, by showing us ‘how good the Good God is.’

Notre Dame stresses the particular importance in teaching each girl to incorporate a strong Catholic ethos into her daily life, subsequently imprinting respect, justice and equality into the school’s atmosphere.  Partnered with the consistent and continual reassurance that God is always there with us, the school becomes a second home to all students, where each girl can excel and flourish.

Opportunity is one door open to all students and with the strong support from staff, each girl is aided when learning how to nurture and develop her talents.  Our vast and diverse community plays an all important role in enabling students to learn and experience from others and grants her the benefit to grow in or multicultural society.  What is unique about Notre Dame is that the support from the school and the staff act as additional guidance to each student – encouraging her to develop and to adapt new and existing skills so that she may be able to reach her capabilities and go beyond what is expected of her.  The school helps to prepare each student for the future in the best way possible, and reassures her in her ability to be able to achieve great things.

The school encourages all students to work together as a community, to make a positive impact upon our world, using the Catholic ethos as our principle.  We are taught to be considerate of others, especially those of the less fortunate and incorporate skills of teamwork to hold fundraising events for charity.  Our founder, St Julie dedicated her life to helping others and had a mission to educate young women all around the world.  We today, continue her work and educate young women all around the world.  We today, continue her work and in her honour, we hold our annual fundraising event, ‘St. Julie’s Day’ to raise money for our sister schools in Nigeria, Kenya and Peru.  It is our most successful event due to the kind generosity of our student body and staff.

The care and attention shown to each student is evident in the staff’s unconditional support.  Our teachers unselfishly dedicate their time, talent and knowledge to each student, in order for her to achieve and fulfil her potential.  The school is dedicated to ensuring that each girl leaves confident and independent, who appreciates others and who actively contributes to the community.  There is an unbreakable bond between students, held together by sisterly friendships which enable the school to become a place of comfort for all.

Notre Dame will undoubtedly continue to exceed and excel due to the immense effort put in by you and all members of staff.  To be able to be a student of Notre Dame is an absolute privilege.  Our students have so much to offer to this world and I truly believe that they will achieve great things and make a positive impact upon our world as we are taught to.  I could not be more thrilled about it.

I thank you Notre Dame, not only for giving me the gift of a community, but of family.  I cannot thank you enough.

 With gratitude.

Anita Ventura