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RE GCSE Revision

Dear RE GCSE Student,

Your time as a pupil of Notre Dame is quickly coming to an end. But first you must sit your GCSEs. It is my hope that you will receive GCSE results that you are proud of. There is still a little time left for you to ‘up the ante’ on your revision.

Remember: If you do what you’ve always done you’ll get what you’ve always got.’

Your RE GCSE is looming fast:

May 15th          Unit 5              St. Mark’s Gospel        Morning exam                        1.5hours

May 23rd          Unit 2              Ethics                           Afternoon exam          1.5hours

This means that there is only two more Monday until your St. Mark’s exam.

Are you ready?

Many of you did not achieve your target grade in the PPE2. Now that your RE course is beginning to come to an end,  it is time for you to make a home revision timetable to ensure you revise all topics again before you sit the exams.

After PPE3 you only have two more units to learn: Jesus’ Relationship with Others and Personal Responsibility. In addition to this your teacher has designed an in-class revision timetable where Past Exam Paper Practice will begin after Easter. You will either sit a paper, which will be marked quickly after which you will go through the answers as a class. Sometimes you will sit a Walking, Talking Exam Paper in class. This revision will be intense and fast moving but will make a positive impact on your result if you engage fully and put maximum effort into every lesson and home revision.

In addition, join me on Fridays after school for interventions.

I look forward to your success in RE; your RE teachers are working hard with me to ensure this happens but we must all work together for the desired results.

Please feel free to speak to your teacher or myself if you would like more support or if you have any questions or worries.

Best wishes during this revision and exam season, Year 11!

Miss. Tragheim

Head of RE.


Below are links to online lessons where I have uploaded Youtube clips, Word documents and many revision tools. Just click on these links and click play than use these in your free time to help your revision and any sheets you want marked please bring them to your RE teacher.

The Revision Guide:


St Mark’s Gospel:

The Exam:

Background to Mark’s Gospel:

Jesus’ Ministry:

Suffering, Death and Resurrection:


Jesus’ Relationship with Others:

Person of Jesus:



The Exam:

Social Responsibility:



Right to Life:

Personal Responsibility:

Global Concerns:

Medical Technology: