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Learning & Revision Skills

At Notre Dame we believe that alongside our curriculum it is vital that students are taught how to learn and revise successfully by understanding effective evidence based strategies. Students follow a learning skills programme that takes place in PSHE from year 7 to 11 to prepare them for the linear exams. The ‘Learning to Learn’ programme includes:

  • Self-regulation strategies (awareness of strengths and weaknesses, motivation and strategies to enhance learning) including understanding the value of resilience and perseverance; how to manage distractions; and listening skills
  • Metacognition strategies (monitoring and controlling thinking processes and learning strategies)
  • Understanding how to use the six strategies from the Learning Scientists (http://www.learningscientists.org/): retrieval practice; dual coding; spaced practice; concrete examples; elaboration; & interleaving
  • Being aware of the difference between effective and ineffective revision strategies and methods
  • Understanding the memory process and how to interrupt forgetting
  • Knowing the importance of sleep, water, good nutrition & stress management in learning