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St Julie's Day 2018

Today we celebrate St. Julie’s Day, an event that Notre Dame schools around the world celebrate.

A speech by our Head Girl, Nicole Mitoraj:

Miss Tragheim asked myself and Favour to speak about the importance of St Julie’s day. This is my final St Julie’s Day and this is my understanding of it five years on. It’s a day to have fun, dance and eat but it’s also the day we remember St Julie and her legacy and all ND schools worldwide. It is important on this day that we give and do not expect to receive anything for ourselves… aside from wonderful lashes, nails, sweets, photos, dancing skills and a crown for “little Miss Notre Dame!” On a serious note, it is a day where we keep our sister schools locked in our hearts and everything we do today is in their name. All that is raised will be for them and not for ourselves; even the goods we brought today will be a charitable donation from us. This leads me onto another important factor of today - selflessness. We will intend to grow to be more generous just like sunflowers, and like sunflowers, St Julie will be looking down on us, in the hope that we spread love and hope.

Favour John: This will be my third St. Julie’s Day and I have learnt that we want to make as much money as possible for our sister schools in Nigeria, Kenya and Peru so we can be an inspiration like St Julie. Raising as much money for our schools, I believe, is something that St Julie would be proud of. It was obvious that St Julie was a religious woman of God as she died saying the Magnificat. Think of St Julie’s Day as us giving our neighbours a hand and doing our Christian duty. Not only are we making St Julie proud, we are also making God proud. So as we leave today let us remember and treasure St Julie’s Day.

Miss Tragheim: The theme for today’s service has been “Together we Grow.” Your form rep has been given an envelope containing a sunflower seed for every member of the form. St Julie said “Be like the sunflower that follows every movement of the sun and keep your eyes always turned towards our good God.” This seed is yours –plant it, give it away as a present or give it back. You choose what you do what it, just as when you leave this school you choose what you want to do. We are a community and we, as your teachers, are privileged to watch you grow from timid year 7s into confident Year 11s. We can all grow and aspire to be like St. Julie and continue to deliver our message of the importance of education for girls across the world.