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Educating Girls for Success

Key to Pupil Review Cards

Student Progress Reports

Issues relating to:

A = Poor punctuality
D= Disturbing others
E= Lack of Equipment
F = Lack of Focus
H= Home learning incomplete
P = Lack of Participation
R= Lack of respect 

U = Fully engaged in lessons
V= Fully equipped for lessons
W= Outstanding level of home learning
X = Excellent punctuality and attendance
Y= Demonstrates Leadership
Z= Engages in independent learning

 Key Stage Three Grades: At the end of year 6 your child will have taken Key Stage 2 Tests in English and Mathematics.  These form the basis of your child’s expected grades.  The progress expected in each subject is 3 sub-levels a year.  We use a grade based system instead of the old national curriculum levels.  A child starting in year 7 with 1E would be expected to progress to a 2E by the end of Year 7, 3E by the end of Year 8 and 4E by the end of Year 9.

Grades:  Q (2a/3c), R (3b/3c), 1E (4c), 1S (4b), 1M (4a), 2E, 2S, 2M, 3E, 3S, 3M, 4E, 4S

E= Emerging   S = Secure  M = Mastered