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Religious Education                       


 “We are very proud of our 2016 RE results; 75% achieved A*- C grades with a high volume of our students achieving an A*/A.

10 pupils completed early entry AS Philosophy and Ethics achieving 100% A*-D.

50 of our Year 10s completed early entry GCSE in Philosophy and Ethics, 26 of whom achieved an A*/A.”

~Miss Tragheim (Head of RE)

The RE department has a pivotal role in the school, providing not only preparation for examinations, but also spiritual support for staff and students. Our students are on a journey of faith and it is the privilege of the RE Department to accompany them on this journey.


Miss. S. Tragheim - Head of RE
Miss. R. O’ Leary 
Mr. B. Kelly




At KS3, students follow the Icons course which meets the demands of the Curriculum Directory. Each year pupils study one world religion where the opportunity to visit the place of worship is offered.

Neasden Temple, North London (Hindu Temple)


Year 11 students follow the AQA Religious Studies (A) specification. The final examination comprises two papers: Christianity: Ethics (Unit 2) and St. Mark’s Gospel (Unit 5).

Year 10 students have started the new AQA Catholic Christianity course which looks at Catholic modules alongside the study of a World Religion and Ethics. We will study Judaism.

In Year 11, for those pupils who have already sat their GCSE in Year 10, some opt to take AS Philosophy &Ethics, some chose the ‘Faith Friends’ course, which involves teaching in our local feeder primary school, St. George’s Cathedral, and the remainder complete a study of the Encyclicals released by Pope Francis..


Some pupils who have completed early entry GCSE opt in for AS Philosophy and Ethics in Year 11. This is a rigorous and academic course which our pupils relish in which they succeed very well.

Pupils during a workshop with Sarah from charity ‘Esteem’.


Each year group is offered a Retreat Day where the whole Year Group travels, with either the RE Department or their Head of Year and Form Tutors, to a retreat centre set in the heart of Kent. The Friars - Aylesford Priory - is an ancient religious house of the Order of Carmelites dating back to the 13th Century. Over the centuries and now today The Friars has become for thousands of visitors, including the pupils of Notre Dame,

  • a place of peace
  • a community of prayer
  • an experience of God
  • a centre of welcome
  • a venue for gathering
  • a work of art

The day is led by a vivacious and faith centred group of volunteers who use personal testimonies, music and art to provide our pupils with a day away from the norm to focus on their relationship with God. The friars also get involved in the delivery of the retreat day.

See: for more information.

Group photo with the Southwark Catholic Youth Team at Ayelsford.


During Advent and Lent there is Morning Prayer for staff and students.

There is an emphasis on Marian devotion at Notre Dame too. During the months of October and May, which are dedicated to Mary, the rosary is said during weekly morning gatherings in the Chaplaincy area.There is also a website which is used during RE lessons to encourage a ‘Marian minute’ – a full minute’s focus for Our

There are also regular after school reflections led by Sr. Magdalen Lawler, SND. These are open to all staff and are a wonderful way to think and pray in an informal setting, in particular to learn more about the charisma of St. Julie.

Services and Masses:

Throughout the year the whole school gathers to mark religious occasions in St. George’s Cathedral as well as to celebrate, as a community, the end of each school term.

Years 7-9 have individual class masses that are held in the Chaplaincy area at the school. These offer an opportunity for each class to experience a personal mass which they are fully involved in its organisation and delivery. There is always an opportunity at the end to ask the priest questions about faith and vocation.

We also provide a Reconciliation service to Year 7 and an opportunity to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

Each year selected students in year 11 who have posts of responsibility are invited to become Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist where, once commissioned, serve the school through this role during class masses. In addition we have a team of altar servers who also assist during masses and services. 

Fr. Ola providing practical training for the new cohort in the Cathedral.