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After School Clubs KS3 and KS4

KS3 After School Clubs

KS4 After School Clubs


Clubs and afterschool activities can play a vital role in the all-round development of your daughter, providing fantastic support and opportunities to continue learning after normal lessons end.  Additionally afterschool clubs and activities will give your daughter a chance to mix with the wider school community and play a more inclusive role at Notre Dame.

Here at Notre Dame, we offer a wide range of free Extended School activities, these include: home learning clubs, sports clubs, language clubs, science, maths, dance, drama, music, craft, as well as coursework support lessons.

Colleges and Universities are always interested in the clubs students have attended and so, too, am I when students apply for positions of leadership in year 11.  Please have a look at what is on offer to your daughter and encourage her to come along after school.

 Dance Club

ND DANCERS meet every Thursday afterschool.

In partnership with:

The ND DANCERS got through the 'Step into Dance' Borough Events and in Summer 2013 and 2015 we were asked to perform as part of the 'STEP LIVE' Show at Sadler's Wells Theatre:

ND Dancers 'Waacking' Dance Workshop - 70's Disco movement technique on arm gestures with Mademoiselle Ginger


Dance videos: