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Educating Girls for Success

A Gifted Community

Notre Dame is the lead school in Southwark for Gifted and Talented Students. 

We are able to provide a wide range of extra-curricular activities to support Gifted and Talented students such as Debating, Internship programmes, Music tuition, Logic club, membership of National Programmes for Gifted and Talented students.

Within the curriculum, Gifted and Talented students are provided with the opportunity to develop ahead of their peers and take examinations early if they wish.  For example, last year a group of gifted students, who sat Religious Studies GCSE in Year 10, took AS Philosophy and Ethics in Year 11.  They achieved 100% pass rate with 73% at A grade.  Our Talented linguists, who sat their language GCSE in Year 10, went on to take AS Level in Year 11.  They achieved 97% pass rate in Spanish, 83% in Portuguese and 100% in French.

29% of Year 11 achieved at least 3A* / A grades
70% achieved at least 1A* / A grade

Our highest achievers last year were: - 

Top 20 Achievers 2016

Favour Ajao                              8A* + 3A + AS Philosophy & Ethics + AS French + Additional Maths
Josetta Jackson-Davis             1A* + 9A + AS Philosophy & Ethics
Kelly Da Camara                      2A* + 5A + 5B + AS Portuguese + AS Spanish
Adriana Robles Pardo             4A* + 5A + 2B + AS Spanish + AS French
Rebecca Daly                            7A* + 1A + 2B + AS Philosophy & Ethics + Additional Maths
Nicole Okonta                          5A* + 4A + 1B + AS Philosophy & Ethics
Anita Ventura                           4A* + 5A + 1B + AS Philosophy & Ethics
Serena Tedros                         1A* + 6A + 3B + 1C
Emmanuella Otekalu             1A* + 5A + 5B + AS Philosophy & Ethics
Chantelle Owusu-Ansah        7A + 4B
Donna Webley                         2A* + 6A + 2B + AS Philosophy & Ethics + AS French
Zhanae Hagan                         6A + 3B + 2C
Helen Kamara                         1A* + 6A + 3B + Additional Maths
Stephanie Shodipe                 1A* + 6A + 3B + AS Philosophy & Ethics
Sharon Mokili                          1A* + 6A + 3B + AS French
Delsey Onuzulike                    3A* + 2A + 3B + 2C + AS Philosophy & Ethics
Nancy Vandi                             2A* + 3A + 4B + 1C
Elizabeth Wellington              1A* + 6A + 1B + 2C
Daniela Rodrigues                  6A + 4B
Francesca Ramos                    1A* + 4A + 4B + 1C


We are committed to offering high quality education to our Gifted and Talented students, enabling them to develop their full potential.


We offer Music Scholarships (worth £150 per year) to students in Year 7 who have shown an aptitude for music in their primary school.  These scholarships enable girls to have individual / group lessons.  

Students who show marked ability in tests which they will take after accepting a place are offered a Summer G & T Scholarship which enables them to participate in two weeks of enrichment activities during the summer holidays.  

Students who have ability but need to develop their confidence about starting secondary school are offered a two week programme during the summer holidays. 

Students whose first language is not English and who need support to develop their skills in oral and written English are offered a programme during the summer holidays.